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The Ultimate Love Figure Candle - Male - Manifest Romantic Wishes

The Ultimate Candle


Attract your twin flame, make a soul connection, manifest romantic wishes, and heighten sexual vibrations with The Ultimate Candle, a figure candle that is hand-dipped and exclusively available at The Conjured Saint. This power-packed love candle is a life force that has been artfully created to help you find the relationship of your dreams, enhance sexual empowerment, heal sexual spiritual avenues, and renew love. It will help you draw in a lover and draw a lover to you and it is perfect to use along with any love-drawing ritual. 


Each Ultimate Candle is anointed with The Conjured Saint's proprietary love and attraction oils to boost its manifesting power, dipped in rose and vanilla wax (rose and vanilla are both traditional love and sex ingredients, used for millennia), then blessed on our sacred altar, before shipping to you. We recommend upping the ante by using this candle in a love ritual, although it can be burned as is to emit loving vibes and attract love and passion into your life. 


Follow this simple love ritual with The Ultimate Candle to draw your twin flame to you like a magnet or fan the flames of passion in the bedroom:


Carve your love petition in the bottom or side of the candle with the tip of a pen, paper clip, or any other pointed object. If you are performing a ritual to draw a lover, you can write "girlfriend," "target," "boyfriend," etc. You can also use this candle as an image of yourself, by writing your name on the candle to have love find you. You can work these candles a couple of ways of drawing love or to enhance romance and sex energy. You can use the same-sex candle to help ignite your own libido in the bedroom or to break through a period of feeling less passionate or sexy. You can also choose the candle of the opposite sex/same-sex and carve your lover's name into it to draw in more heated passion in the bedroom. 

The Ultimate Love Figure Candle - Male - Manifest Romantic Wishes

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