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Two-Day BIG MONEY Prosperity Service Aug7/8th - Increase Wealth & Cash Flow

Big Money Prosperity Service—Increase Wealth, Cash Flow, and Financial Gains


Opportunities come in the form of personal, spiritual, and material growth on August 8th, with financial gains that can increase your overall net worth! A powerful Stargate, known as the Lion’s Gate, reaches its peak position in the Heavens, creating a portal between the spiritual and physical worlds that allows instant manifestation! The Conjured Saint embraces this divine energy and vibrational alchemy with a two-day BIG MONEY prosperity service, beginning on the eve of the 8th (August 7th), and continuing through 8/8, to maximize the power of your financial intentions and create divinely-inspired positive transformations!!!


Last month, on July 26th, our Sun and the star Sirius began opening the Lion’s Gate vortex, when they aligned to create a synchronized rising that causes them to appear as two suns in the sky. These heavenly bodies will now align together on the 8th, along with the pyramids of Giza, creating a flood of manifestation power, higher consciousness, and light energy that promises us opportunities for financial growth.


What makes this year’s Lion’s Gate even more special, is a Sun trine Jupiter transit—the best of all solar transits! Indeed, the synchronistic date of 8/8 is about to pack a powerful punch! You will be feeling self-confident and attracting good fortune. Be on the lookout for opportunities. They will be presenting themselves to you now.


Showering us with even greater potential and positivity is an uplifting aspect between Venus and Jupiter. Venus is the planet of love and it is aligning in a trine configuration with Jupiter, the planet of abundance. This is going to shower planet Earth with waves of feel-good energy which is going to be further enhanced by the high vibrational energies being sent by the opening of the portal.


All of this energy is going to enter our body and soul through the heart and third eye, so these are the chakras we are going to work and activate in this ritual. To make the most of the incredibly intense and life-changing energy on 8/8, join the BIG MONEY Prosperity Service listed in our Shop! You may also want to share this service with like-minded friends, as this very special ritual promises divine blessings and shouldn’t be missed. Thanks for looking!


To take advantage of this magnetic energy and participate in the Candle Lighting and Petition Service, please leave your request in the "note to seller" section upon payment and I will light a candle, dressed my own prosperity oil, for your goal.


Please allow up to 72 hours or longer for your service reports/photos.

Two-Day BIG MONEY Prosperity Service Aug7/8th - Increase Wealth & Cash Flow

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