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Unicorn Root - Devil's Claw Pods

Unicorn plant is the common name for several species of plants native to the Americas in the genus Proboscidea. It is most often listed as its own family Martynia, but I have also seen it listed as a member of the Sesame family, perhaps through the confusion with the African devil's claw? Or perhaps, like many other plants, it's just been moved around a few times.


The Magick of Unicorn Plant

This plant is used for drawing magick, specifically to return lost or stolen things and also to binding spells hold onto things you don't want to lose. The sturdy, sharp pods can be used to create protective charms. Native American folklore says keeping the possession of seed pods with more than two claws will increase the likelihood of twins.


Although there is little information about correspondences available for Unicorn plant, its toughness, arid habitat and the sharpness of its seed pods says Mars to me and the association with fecundity and holding on to material things, as well as the animal-like appearance of the pods, speaks to me of the element of Earth.


And of course, Unicorn plant is associated with both unicorns and elephants so can be used symbolically to represent anything they represent.


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Unicorn Root - Road Opener, Attraction, Protection, Prosperity, Wishes

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