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Victory & Reward Oil- Help Bring Victory in The Competition

Victory & Reward Oil

Help bring victory in the competition.


Roots of mandrake, high john the conqueror, galangal (little john), solomon's seal (homegrown), orris root, lotus root, devil's shoestring, and Osha root. Incredible potency and power!


Achieving Victory Spell


This is a spell to magically boost your ability to win, whether this victory involves business ventures, legal issues, love, etc.


For this spell, we will be using the energy of the six of wands, the tarot card that epitomizes ‘victory’. And with this energy comes determination, strength, self-confidence, power, positive energy, self-acknowledgment, and purpose.


With this spell and this tarot card, you will manifest your desires, goals, and aspirations.



Moon Phase: waxing to the full moon, with the full moon being most advantageous



Monday, Moon, blue/silver/white, moonwort/lily…for issues dealing with psychism, clairvoyance, goddess energy, occult powers, and knowledge, female issues


Tuesday, Mars, orange, basil/patchouli…for issues of matrimony, war, conflicts, self-defense


Wednesday, Mercury, gray/violet, marjoram/slippery elm…for issues of communication, educational pursuits, creative endeavors—writing, composing


Thursday, Jupiter, blue/purple/green, patchouli/sage…for issues of money, legal actions, business endeavors


Friday, Venus, pink/green/white, catnip/myrrh/rose…for issues of love, relationships, beauty, poetry, art


Saturday, Saturn, black, garlic/pepper/nettles…for issues of protection, self-discipline, addictions, obsessions


Sunday, Sun, yellow, marigold/rosemary…for healing, spirituality, male issues


Oil: Victory & Reward Oil

Incense: nag champa

Tarot Card: six of wands



What to do:


1. Cast a circle.


2. Anoint a candle of the appropriate color with the oil and roll it in the herbs that correspond with your intentions. Light it.


3. Upon your altar place the clear quartz crystal and several small objects related to your intentions, or a slip of paper with your intentions clearly stated upon it.


4. On the six of wands tarot card, write on one side exactly what it is you wish to be victorious at; on the other side, write this spell:


“I call upon the energy of the six of wands,

That my desires, goals, and wishes shall be

Victorious unto me.

By the awful awesome power of three times three

So mote it be.”


5. After the candle has burned itself down, its remains, as well as the crystal, the six of wands tarot card, the slip of paper on which you wrote exactly what you wish to be victorious at and any items that pertain to your intentions, should be placed in a white bag.


6. Keep this bag in a safe and secret place until your spell has manifested, at which time you will take the bag from its resting place and bury it on your property.

Victory & Reward Oil- Help Bring Victory in The Competition


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