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War Water 4 oz Bottle -Protection, Uncrossing and Unhexing

War Water is an offensive form of protective magic, it’s used to remove disruptive forces from your life and restore peace.


It is also considered a form of cursing as it is commonly thought to sow discord among your enemies. 


 Sprinkled around the perimeter of a  home protects it from evil and negativity.

* Sprinkled around an enemy’s property will curse them and bring negativity and strife to the property.

* By adding a few drops of War Water to a cleansing bath, it offers protection from negative energy, influences, forces, entities, hexes, curses, and spells.

* Using War Water with a Be Gone! the spell will chase a person from your life.

* War Water added to your favorite floor wash will add additional protection to the wash.

* Spilling some War Water in the house of an enemy will bring strife, negativity, and turmoil directly into their home or in their vehicle to bring them troubles on the road.

* Wash your altar with War Water to erase any negativity leftover from previous spell work.

* Sprinkle War Water onto a picture of your enemy when psychically attacking or freeze a picture of your enemy inside a cube of War Water to freeze them into bad luck, bad experiences.

* Use War Water in general spells for uncrossing and unhexing.


You will receive one (1) 4oz Bottle


War Water 4 oz Bottle -Protection, Uncrossing and Unhexing


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