Yemaya Candle & Oil Set - Love, Wealth, Family, Health, Renewal, Candle Ritual

Yemaya, the West African Goddess of Creation-- a merciful, healing goddess known for her kindness and benevolence.


Often depicted as a mermaid, Yemaya is associated with women’s issues, childbirth, fertility, conception, love, healing, and the home. She is known for her ties to the moon, the ocean, and the feminine mystique. As a creation goddess, Yemaya is regarded as the Mother of All. It is said her womb gave birth to the fourteen Yoruba goddesses and gods, as well as the first human woman and man. Her uterine waters are said to have created the oceans, where all life sprang forth. 


Yemaya the Orisha of the Oceans & Seas.

Also known as Yemoja, Iemanja, Yemanja


Maternity | Love | Protection | Healing | Inspiration

She helps us with motherhood, family, relationships, fertility, pregnancy, healing, and protection.

Friday & Saturday are her days for offerings.

Her number is 7.


Feast Day: She has several Celebrations during the year depending on your religion and culture. Some are on Mother's Day, Sept. 7, Dec. 8, Jan. 1 and Feb 2.


Favorite colors: white & light blue

Favorite gifts: comb and mirror, silver coins, cowrie shells, flowers, perfume, and white & light blue ribbons.

Favorite plants: white rose and white gladiolus

Favorite foods: all seafood, papaya, watermelon, ric