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Spiritual Supplies Available Online

The Conjured Saint is committed to providing all individuals no matter your creed the products and services needed to experience life to the fullest.


Blessed, Dressed & Fixed: Offering over 200 items, each tailored to address a specific aspect of your daily life, these candles offer assistance with protection, energy, healing, romance, monetary needs and many other facets of existence. Each candle is hand-crafted and adhered to a standard of quality unparalleled within the industry.  Whatever your beliefs you are sure to find a candle that will meet your needs as these candles are crafted under the acceptance of all beliefs. These candles are created using age-old candle magick, a powerful spell work, which harnesses the power of the user’s intentions by releasing by emitting the desired energy through the smoke generated by its use.


Offering over 150 items, the consumer will find a plethora of applications for the home and body in the form of oils, bath salts home décor and accessories to assist in those who seek spiritual guidance throughout daily life. Hand-crafted by experts in the field, this takes the guess work out of trying to manufacture these items yourself and allows the user to seamlessly use the product upon arrival.  These ritual-blessed oils are intended to assist in ritual-working, spell-working and personal intent and are meant to be administered by the consumer to enhance their experiences.


The opportunity to get specific results is afforded the consumer by using The Conjured Saint’s custom spell offering. A flat rate of $135 allows the consumer to address issues, desires or conflict through a spell work that will be customized to the needs of the individual. After providing some personal information regarding the matter you want addressed the Conjured Saint goes to work developing a package that will address all that is desired through the use of corresponding oil, powder and incense. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure the proper evocations, prayers, offerings and tools are used to complete the custom spell work.


The opportunity to find specific answers in regards to a personal situation, universal plan or questions can also be achieved through The Conjured Saint’s Psychic Reading Services. An antique Italian Tarot card deck dating back to the 1920s is used to perform all readings and is cleaned between readings so as not mix energies for specific needs. Tarot card readings are first come, first serve and again, personal information will be requested beforehand so The Conjured Saint can best assist you with your individual needs.


A 9-day prayer-focused candle vigil can be conducted by The Conjured Saint and offers the consumer a full report upon request of anything that arises during the process in regards to personal situations or needs. The vigil will be personally overseen and a report will be conducted upon completion.


Offers insights into creating a spiritual guide through the use of your home. The section provides the consumer tools, information and resources to ensure you are living your life as intended through the guidance of a spiritual process. Whatever the need, you are sure to find what you are looking for within the confines of your own home.