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3-Piece White Witches Mortar and Pestle Set

The careful preparation of herbs in a mortar is one of the most important things when creating herbs for cooking, healing, and magic. It's about the intention and dedication to what you are preparing. Concentrate on what you are doing, feel the aroma of freshly ground herbs, and allow their energy to flow through and around you.


A mortar and pestle is a must for every witch's kitchen. Grind fresh or dried herbs, teas, seeds, spices, resins, woods, and other medicinal herbs. Soapstone mortars are best as they do no absorb and are easy to clean for re-use.


Whitestone 3 piece Mortar and Pestle Set Nicely sized for all your needs that cleans easily too!

diameters are 4", 3", 2".

3-Piece White Witches Mortar and Pestle Set


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