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Ramakrishnananda Holy Ganga Water- Purify ALL & Everything That it Touches

This crystal-clear healing water comes from the Ganges River in the Himalayan Mountains and is known to purify all and everything that it touches. It comes in a convenient spray bottle and can be easily sprayed onto yourself or your space, but can also be poured into a bath.


Aroma: Fresh.

Intention: Purification.


Key features: 

  • Ancient, 100% natural form of purification
  • Sacred healing water from a holy river
  • Spiritual product.
  • Convenient spray nozzle.
  • Charitable cause.



Mother Ganga, believed to be the personified water Lord Brahma used to wash Lord Sri Vishnu’s feet, is worshiped by all Hindus. When descending from heaven to Earth, Shiva held Ganga on His head, further sanctifying her waters. According to the sacred Vedas, Ganga water purifies anything and anyone that touches it.


Name explanation: Ganga is short for Goddess Ganga, which is the name of a holy river in India known in English as the Ganges. Hindu scriptures teach that the river is actually Goddess Ganga who manifested in this form when she descended to Earth.


Why customers love it: Crystal clear water from the sacred Ganges River is known throughout the world for its spiritual purification but it is not readily available.


How to use: Spray it on yourself or around your space, or pour one-third of the bottle into a the bath and soak. It can also be as part of a purification ritual.

Holy Ganga Water- Purify ALL & Everything That it Touches

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