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Alligator Claw Mojo Bag- Enhance Winnings, Success, Good Luck Charm

The Alligator Claw Mojo Bag is a powerful good luck charm, designed to bring you luck and success in all your endeavors. This unique charm is crafted with genuine alligator claw and includes a variety of items known for their powerful magical properties. Inside the mojo bag you will find lucky beans, shredded money, small playing cards, citrine, and lucky green rice, all of which are intended to enhance your winnings and bring success. May Lady Luck smile her fortune upon you with this Alligator Claw Mojo Bag!


Kept in your pocket, purse, or mojo bag as a token of good luck, this Alligator claw is particularly useful if you are going to be gambling, or playing games of chance they Bring you all sorts of good luck!


Alligator claws have long been used to enhance winnings and success. Any avenue that you could use a little help to win in, this is the charm that will do the trick! Alligator charms have been used for centuries.  African slaves believed alligator claws contain magical powers. These powers could be manipulated for personal gain. They grow superstitious and were fascinated by the power of the alligator’s jaws, teeth and feet.They used the teeth and the feet of the alligator as a good luck charm. The energy employed by the alligator signifies the power to hold onto things in life such as money, love, food, a place to stay. The slaves were fond of gambling and many used the alligator’s teeth and feet to bring them luck in financial matters Anointing alligator’s teeth and feet in oil was common and keeping them inside Gris Gris or mojo bags.


*Alligator feet and alligator teeth are regularly used in the South to increase gambling luck.


These have been ethically sourced.


You will receive one Mojo bag. 

Alligator Claw Mojo Bag- Enhance Winnings, Success, Good Luck Charm