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Angel Aura Amethyst Sphere- Bliss Consciousness, Goddess Power

Amethyst aura spheres have a pretty opalescent finish created by bonding magnesium and platinum onto the surface of the amethyst. Amethyst aura is part of the rainbow aura quartz family of crystals and activates and balances the seven major chakras. Stimulates and clears a pathway for the Kundalini and should be used with caution.


Amethyst Aura immediately goes to an extremely high spiritual level, with great clarity, to create a sense of spiritual wholeness. But it also takes you into your own core essence. It’s no wonder it’s also called ‘Celestial Aura’. It has a soft, gentle ‘innocent’ energy that is powerfully feminine, a real goddess crystal but, to my mind, a sky goddess rather than an earthly one.



  • Mystical consciousness
  • Contacts your core essence
  • Extremely high spiritual vibration reaches multi-dimensions and triggers bliss consciousness
  • Celestial wisdom
  • Encourages the heart to speak its truth
  • Greatly expands awareness
  • Spiritual and mental clarity
  • Clear communication of feelings
  • Road map of your lifeplan over many lifetimes
  • Assists with reading the Akashic Record
  • Clears spiritual toxins
  • Purifies the subtle energy system
  • Stimulates the third eye and intuition
  • Clears pain by gaining a higher perspective
  • Sky goddess connection
  • Contacts the fairy realm
  • Harmonises ‘bi-polar’ spirituality, maintains an even keel
  • A writer’s stone.

Chakras: Third Eye, Soma, Causal Vortex, Heart Seed and Alta Major.


you will receive 1 Amethyst aura sphere  Size:22mm - 25mm

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Angel Aura Amethyst Sphere- Bliss Consciousness, Goddess Power


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