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ASTROL-OG: The Deck - Oracle Cards, Astrology Cards, Divination, Spirituality


Do you have a yearning for the learnings of astrology?  Perhaps you’ve tried books or oral lectures.  Nothing’s sticking for ya?  You may be a visual learner!


Check this deck of cards you can use with tarot decks as a compliment.  Use as a divination tool.  Or-- literally layout your chart, examining where all the crossovers lie.  


The special element to this deck is not just the education it offers, but the quality.  You’ll notice in the upper left-hand corner of each, an iridescent symbol corresponding to the card’s meaning.  The color-coding on the matte card fronts will also help you sort and process meanings.  


Card backs feature a mix of symbology, and edges are gold holographic.  A solid, paper-coated cardboard box houses these precious cards.  There’s a smooth magnetic closure on a wrap-over top.  An accordion-folded instruction booklet offers further guidance.  The whole package is highly gorgeous. 


This isn’t a tarot deck, and it isn’t an oracle deck.  It’s a unique offering from Kaleidadope, aka Krystal Banner, the rad artist, and magician who creates stunning works of education and spirituality.  See her other work for sale through Neon Altar: The Swatches of Chakra deck, and the 11:11 glow-in-the-dark pin.


Use Astrol-OG: The Deck when you…

  • Desperately want to learn astrology
  • Need a tool to explain charts to other people, or maybe just yourself
  • Want to work with astrological signs, houses, qualities, and forms


Winner of NSS Best New Product (Lifestyle) Award!

ASTROL-OG: The Deck - Oracle Cards, Astrology Cards, Divination, Spirituality

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