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Cai Shen Yeh Statue - God of Wealth - Brings Windfall of Wealth

God of Wealth, also known as Cai Shen Yeh is one of the most prominent symbol of prosperity, wealth and good fortune. This deity is widely accepted in Feng Shui practices. Who doesn’t love money? His job is to bring windfall and wealth luck to his sincere worshippers.


 During the New Year period, many people perform ceremonies or rituals to usher in the God of Wealth. They believed these events can help to attract money luck and abundance for the year. He is commonly depicted with one hand holding a golden ingot, symbolizing wealth and prosperity.


The other hand will hold a Ru Yi sceptor that represents a smooth sailing life. 


1. You can place this lucky symbol anywhere in the living room or main entrance foyer to usher in good luck and prosperity. 

2. It should be displayed in an elevated location and avoid placing it in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, floor, or attic. This is respect to the God of Wealth.

3. Place the symbol of wealth in the sector of flying star #8  and #9 at home or in office to enhance the wealth energies. In 2021, the prosperity star #8 is in the West and star #9 in the northeast.

It is always good to remind yourself to do good by giving and good things will eventually come to you.

Hand painted porcelain, figure measure 9" H x 5" W

Cai Shen Yeh Statue - God of Wealth - Brings Windfall of Wealth