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Chrysocolla and Malachite - Fresh Start • Heart-Opening • Support • Money

When big changes are on your horizon, a Chrysocolla Crystal opens your heart to the exciting possibilities ahead. This supportive, encouraging stone pushes you to take bold steps toward making changes and starting a new chapter in your life. It removes any negative energy from your heart so that you can move forward without hesitation or fear. Are you ready to start a new relationship? A new career? Live in a new city? Whatever your fresh start looks like, the Chrysocolla meaning is the supportive push in the right direction you need to take those first steps. 



  • Hold a Chrysocolla Crystal in your hands and over your heart to open your heart to change and new beginnings. 

  • On a piece of paper, write down a change or fresh start you are preparing for. Then place your Chrysocolla Crystal on top


Tough love from a tough crystal, Malachite is the friend you go to when you need unfiltered relationship or life advice. As a protective stone that brings balance to the mind and spirit, you’ll want to keep this polished malachite on your altar to ensure that its sacred wisdom is never far away. 


As a powerful stone of transformation, the malachite meaning will balance your emotions with stabilizing sensibility, so that you can form rational decisions that aren’t clouded by heated emotions. In assisting you to break the cycle of placing blame on others, you will begin to take responsibility for yourself and transform into a pillar of strength and independence.


The guardian of the heart, Malachite is a love stone because its connection to the heart chakra opens the gates to love. It is the ultimate love crystal for men, representing and harmonizing the masculine side of the energy body. 


Malachite is the ideal crystal for someone who never seems to find the perfect partner. Because it connects with and opens the heart chakra, malachite gives you the strength to breakthrough negative patterns. Stop repeating the same mistakes, and meditate with the malachite healing properties to identify problems and discover new directions. Once you have recognized the patterns that you need to free yourself from, malachite’s infusion of energy in your solar plexus chakra will provide a heavy dose of willpower to help you keep your intention of avoiding the same pitfalls. With this confident determination, not only will you be able to refrain from sliding backward into familiar traps, you’ll experience a vitality that will propel you toward making positive decisions in other areas of your life. Working with malachite stones is like getting a spiritual makeover.




When you are drawn to a Malachite crystal, your heart and spirit are ready to transform! Let go of patterns of behavior that no longer serve you so can auto-correct and make choices that serve you in the long run. This transformation is especially powerful in matters of love, as you can break free from past relationships or past patterns and pursue a healthy relationship. The transformative powers of a Malachite crystal facilitate positive change in other areas of your life, as well. 



Hold your Malachite crystal to your heart chakra to open your heart to love and transformation. You can also set an intention with malachite crystal for a change that you would like to bring about. Write the intention on a piece of paper with a blue pen. Fold the paper and set your malachite crystal on top. Then set your hands over the stone, and state the intention out loud or in your head. Place the paper and malachite somewhere that can be easily seen as a reminder of your goal each day.  

Chrysocolla and Malachite - Fresh Start • Heart-Opening • Support • Money


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