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Cinnamon Money  Ritual Spell Kit - Powerful Money Spell

Attract riches with our Deluxe Cinnamon Money-Drawing Ritual Kit, made exclusively for The Conjured Saint with authentic magickal ingredients and tools used by professional shamans and spiritual practitioners!  The contents of this ritual kit are charged with intent and positive forces of magick to aid you in mastering difficult money situations, including success in business, sticky financial matters, and money luck. The included spell is an old family charm passed down through generations and tried, tested, and true for everyone we've shared it with. For the first time, we are opening our sacred money ritual up to the public and have included everything you need to complete it in a compact kit!


Included in the Kit:

One Citrine 
One Cinnamon Money Oil
One Green Candle 

Two Money Incense Cones 

One Detailed Spell Scroll

Cinnamon Money Ritual Spell Kit - Powerful Money Spell

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