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Clairvoyance Manifestation Candle-  Psychic dreams, Intuition, Messages

This powerful Clairvoyance manifestation candle can be used to manifest your psychic abilities release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. My Clairvoyance manifestation candle is great for psychic development and opening your third eye. You can also use this candle to encourage vivid and prophetic dreams. Especially ones of future events or for clarification  through dream work. Light this candle 3 hours before bed or till the candle is fully burnt out! !!! REMBER pay attention to your dreams; Information may come in symbols, colors, numbers, or messages!


This candle is loaded with a clairvoyance manifestation herbal blend.


Colors of the candle will very!




Clairvoyance Manifestation Candle- Psychic dreams, Intuition & Messages

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