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Flourite Standing Points a Stone of Banishing, Protection, Success & Optimism

Hold Fluorite whenever you feel stressed and you'll feel your troubles slipping away from you like magic! This pretty stone helps manifest optimism, success, and clarity in addition to being a powerful stone of protection. Fluorite absorbs negative energies which are really useful when you feel you need to release negative energies being held inside the body. Use Fluorite when performing clearing, protection, and spiritual enlightenment workings. You can feel it unveil subconscious blocks and bring out creativity. A stone of self-discipline, concentration, efficient organization, and appropriate action, this colorful crystal enhances spiritual awareness and intuitive powers. Fluorite also is said to aid mental disorders, stress, lower back pain and helps strengthen teeth and bones.

Magickal and Healing Properties: Strength, calming, peace, healing, relationships, mental clarity, success, protection, cleansing, creativity, auric clearing, and meditation

Super pretty points, each measure approx LARGE 7'- 8+" Super beautiful pieces! You will receive One.

Fluorite Standing Point a Stone of Banishing, Protection, Success & Optimism

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