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Creative Magic Ritual Candle- Motivation & Creativity

Cactus Blossom + Mangosteen + Coconut

Bright and tropical, laced with the clean decadence of coconut and cactus blossom. Reminiscent of a calming walk along a secluded beach.



Stimulate a fresh perspective with the Creative Magic Ritual Candle. This crispy clean candle will soothingly clear out that unshakeable brain fogginess, and wondrously ignite unfiltered inspiration. Awaken the senses while promoting authentic, creative energy.


Carnelian: Motivation & creativity


Mugwort, Cornflowers, Sunflowers: Mind opening, patience, energy, mental focus +


Blue, Yellow, Magenta: Harmony, joy, success, communication


Light your candle. As the candle burns, focus on creative inspiration. Sit before the candle and imagine the candlelight surrounding your head. Clear your mind of any distractions. Let the light illuminate and inspire your mind. Use wisely & do no harm.


Thanks for looking <3

Creative Magic Ritual Candle- Motivation & Creativity


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