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"gris-gris" bags, Mojo Bag, Charm Bag , Conjure Mojo Bag

These custom mojo bags come in small satchels containing various items of supernatural power. It is a very sacred bundle of talismans, Roots, Crystals and Blessed Curios. These items are all picked to bring the wearer special intent and Good JuJu! Your bag will be created with special Blessings, Pryaers Smoke and Moon Energy. I hand pick different stones, talismans, charms, herb/roots depending on your intent and needs. Your JuJu is designed for your personal empowerment! The Mojo Bag can be kept in your bag, pocket anywhere you wanna keep it. The items can be taken out and manifested upon. They work with your special prayers, wishes, and energy. They are your personal energy items, only for you! Not for others to touch. Energy can be transferred. The bag is crafted and empowered for you! It brings you Good JuJu wherever you go. A special little spell created just for you! It is a beautiful accessory with magickal powers and energy! Convo me for more details. Please include the full name, birth date, and intent for whom the Mojo is intended for.

Custom DELUXE Mojo Bag with Condition Oil- "Gris-Gris" bag, Mojo Bag, Charm Bag