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CUSTOM Honey Jar Set with Name Paper/Petition

CUSTOM Honey Jar Set with Name Paper/Petition


 I will customize this jar for your specific situation and needs. I will add a name paper petition using the name of the target which you will provide, along with details, in the "notes" section. You must leave your information i order for me to customize this item for you.


Honey jars have been used through out history as a type of binding and sweetening magick. There is a long standing history of magick practitioners using sugar or honey to sweeten a situation, circumstances and/or person in their favor. Traditionally, the name of the person or specific situation is written down on a piece of paper and fully immersed into the sugar or honey, combined with other items. 


You will receive one 8 ounce jar with organic honey, And Items corresponding to your needs will be added to the jar. such as herbs, roots, crystals, lodestones and other curios Not pictured in this jar. 


The Jar will comemwith 3 Small Candles and a custom made oil for your honey jar.


There Will be room left in the jar so that you may add personal items or any other ingredients


Once a day dress a candle with a bit of your custom oil, Place and Light the candle on top of the jar with prayers.

CUSTOM Honey Jar Set with Name Paper/Petition


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