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RITUAL YERBA SANTA WAND is hand-crafted with rose petals, marigold, viburnum, gypsophila, and a nigella pod. To finish off this fall wand is a black tourmaline stone that offers the highest protection level against ENERGY VAMPIRES.


If you think you have energy vampires around you, it’s important to shield yourself if you want to nurture yourself. Tourmaline and other protection crystals are going to shield you from energy vampires both consciously and unconsciously.


To Use 1. Remove crystal from the wand. 2. Place your Ritual Yerba Santa Wand on a heat-proof burning surface like a ceramic bowl, shell, or pot. Light the bundle until it begins to smoke. 3. Once you have a nice smoke going, use your hand to direct smoke through your space. Visualize the smoke taking away all that which you desire to clear. Once your space is cleaned extinguish your bundle in a heat-proof bowl or vessel.

Made in United States of America.

Fall Ritual Smudging Wand - Protection, Fall Blessings, Clearing


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