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Fortune Teller 7 Day Hoodoo Ritual Candle- Enhance Your Intuition, Psychic Power

Fortune Teller 7 Day Hoodoo Ritual Candle has been designed to help you receive psychic messages, open up your sixth Sense, enhance your intuition, and to be burned during any ritual divination work.


This will come dressed with clairvoyant herbal mix.


The Conjured Saint's Rituals candles come fully blessed, dressed, and adorned with all the magic you need for your ritual working, just petition and light!


The Conjured Saint candles are the perfect way to attract what you seek. Available in a variety of intentions and themes, our candles are gently prepared, blessed, and dressed according to the appropriate magickal practices. When you burn them, they become a channel for your desires into the outer world. This makes them the ideal companion for all of your ritual work. If you want to change the energy in your sacred space, light a candle.


Candle magick is an age-old, powerful form of spellwork, because it harnesses the intense energy of fire. Of all the elements, fire burns the brightest and demands the most immediate attention. As it licks at the air, it consumes the existing energy and expels its own creation in the form of smoke.


The Conjured Saint candles are each delicately prepared to contain specific magick according to their themes. Draw love, good fortune, and success into your life as the energy burns and fills your space with powerful vibrations. Different color candles will draw different energies. White candles are always good to have on hand, because they draw light energy and protection. Quickly cleanse a space of negative energy, by burning a white candle. Pink candles work to bring love and affection to you. Green candles will draw money and success, and so on.


The Conjured Saint has done all the work of picking colors, blessing, and dressing the candles for you, so all you need to do is burn them and set your intentions. We offer an array of candles for specific wishes and desires. All of our products are pleasing to the eye and packed with positivity, boosting your spirits and energy before you even begin to burn them. Burn them in your space upon receipt to begin reaping the full benefits.

Fortune Teller 7 Day Hoodoo Ritual Candle- Enhance Your Intuition, Psychic Power

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