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Gargoyle Ritual Image Candle- Guide, Protector, Guardian

There are many theories as to how and why medieval architects and stone carvers developed gargoyles. It is believed that they were used to ward off evil and to act as guardians of the church to keep the terrible spirits of evil away and were inspired by a passage written in the bible.


Gargoyles Spirt Animal Meaning!


Gargoyles, while most associated with gothic architecture and Catholic churches, can arguably be seen in ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Celtic civilization. Churches traditionally used them as water spouts and to keep evil spirits at bay. They serve a similar purpose in Pagan traditions.


The gargoyle is both a protector and guide. They keep negative energy from entering the home and magick circle of those who welcome their presence and who they have chosen to act as a protector to. They work to protect you from both physical and spiritual danger. Their element is earth, and are therefore very grounded, deliberate, and careful in their actions. They may sometimes appear to be moving and acting slowly, but this is their nature as contemplative beings. They rarely act hastily, usually acting only after they have deliberated and found the best course of action that will be for your highest good. They are very competent and loyal, so you can always be sure that they will stand by your side and complete their tasks in due time.


As a guide, the gargoyle will provide information on difficult situations. They act as counselors leading you to find the best course of action at times when difficult decisions must be made. They also act as loyal friends, letting you know they are ever present and will protect you from any danger you may encounter in the situation you find yourself in. On the lighter side, they are not always somber and serious. In my experience, gargoyles have even been known to crack jokes, and don’t always prevent those pesky dwarves and gnomes from messing with your belongings, and may even join in on the fun.


You will receive one candle.

Gargoyle Ritual Image Candle- Guide, Protector & Guardian