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Good Luck Ritual Candle - Prosperity & Good Luck

Lemon Verbena + Rosewood + Tonka Bean

Squeaky clean lemon pairs effortlessly with the sweetness of rose. This blend is instantaneously refreshing, while a soft hint of vanilla balances out the citrus elements.


Challenge Misfortunes

Embrace the potential for prosperity with the Good Luck Ritual Candle. Fortune can be unpredictable, causing an ebb and flow in the ultimate game of fate. Nurture the chance to invite fortuity into your future with this uplifting candle.


Pyrite: Prosperity, good luck, protection from negative energies


Sunflower & Cedar: Money, protection, positive energy


Lime & Emerald: Luck, optimism, money & success


Before you light the candle, write down what type of luck you are seeking. Health, money, happiness, or whatever it is you desire on a small piece of paper. Fold and place under the candle and focus on your intention as it burns. Use wisely & do no harm.


Thanks for looking <3


Good Luck Ritual Candle - Prosperity & Good Luck


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