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Grains of Paradise- Protects The Pome, Increases Business Success, Health

Also called Melegueta Pepper, Alligator Pepper, Guinea Grains or Guinea Pepper, Grains of Paradise attracts employment, increases gambling luck, protects the home, increases business success. It is also a mood enhancer and promotes good health

Grains of Paradise have a long and diverse history in folk magic, They are used for everything from business and money success, the building of magical charms to house spirits, and even in legal matters. One such case comes from New Orleans and is by far one of the most influential stories of the infamous Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen and conjurewoman. 


Few know that Marie Laveau wasn't always a woman of renown and property. It was when the son of a wealthy merchant fell under suspicion for a crime he claims he didn't commit that her fortune would turn legendary. The police had overwhelming evidence against him, and he was undoubtedly sure to be found guilty. So the distraught father turned to Marie Laveau after hearing her reputation as a rootworker. On the day of the trial Marie took three Guinea Peppers, or Grains of Paradise, and held them in her mouth as she prayed at the altar in St. Louis Cathedral. Then, she rushed to the courthouse and used her connections to gain access to the courtroom. She placed the inconspicuous peppers under the judge's bench, and miraculously despite the evidence, the son was found not guilty. As a reward, she was given large sums of money and a property that stood on St. Ann between Rampart and Burgundy, close to Congo Square where she held her festivals to her spirits. It was this very case that elevated her from a simple hairdresser and madame, to the most famous Voodoo Queen of New Orleans! 


Stories like these are what make this West African spice a must have for any rootworker, conjureman or woman, or witch. Whether left whole or ground into a powder, the uses are endless!


you will receive 1 oz.

Grains of Paradise- Protects The Pome, Increases Business Success, Health


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