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GREEN QUARTZ PENIS- Improves Your Flow of Luck & Love

Green quartz has an astounding healing effect when you wear or carry it, thus working effectively with the heart chakra. Aside from that, it also helps in turning negative energies to positive energies. It is also famed to attract success, prosperity, and stimulating anyone’s creativity. There is no denying that this particular crystal is a must-have.


Improves your flow of luck. Green quartz is a beneficial gemstone that you can use in getting out from a stagnant period. It’ll help you in eradicating the blockage of energy. further, this stone is also essential to use if you wish to get back the abundance of joy in your life.


Heal's the thirst for love. This green-toned gemstone is full of love energy. Having said that, it is essential in healing the thirst of love and fulfill the mind. It’s also beneficial to use if you wish to heal exhausted feelings from love or a human relationship. The stone is frequently used in meditation –you can feel warm energy just by holding it in your hands. It is a stone that will surely fill your body with love energy and allow you to relax profoundly.



Measure ~ 2" tall x 1" wide, 1" thick

GREEN QUARTZ PENIS- Improves Your Flow of Luck & Love

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