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Tap into your intuition and intention with our beautiful Holy Santo Organic Herb Set, complete with 20 ritual herbs to enhance the energy and power of your magickal workings. This amazing set comes with herbs and flowers most often used when working with spells and rituals so you can rest assured, there’s plenty in there perfect for what you seek to work with magickally. Set comes with a crystal spoon to easily transfer your herbs from packet.


Mix an herbal potion blend, an herbal offering, fuse with oils, indulge in an herbal bath soak, use in candle magick workings, create an herbal charm bag, the possibilities are endless. Deepen your connection and discover the magick within. The magickal properties of plants and herbs hold ancient wisdom and divine magick that is just waiting for you to discover.


Each packet contains approx .35 oz of herb in black zip lock bags to insure your herbs and flowers stay fresh. Ritual spell recommendations are on the back and the set comes with a gorgeous crystal spoon.

Herbs in this set can be viewed in the listing photos.


Thanks for looking <3

Holy Santo Organic Ritual Herb Set with 20 Magickal Herbs and Crystal Spoon


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