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I Love Money and Money Loves Me- Ritual Image Female Candle-

Some people feel embarrassed, guilty, and ashamed to admit that they like money let alone make such a declaration as “I love money and money loves me”. Perhaps because they are judging that is isn’t “spiritual” to want money or that “money is bad” or only “bad or greedy people have money” or “rich people are bad”…. “rich people are flamboyant, obnoxious and pretentious”…. the list goes on. But actually, money is a tool that can bring you freedom. Money can enable you to live the lifestyle you want. It isn’t selfish to desire a good life. The definition of “good” is variable, but it’s our birthright to live a good life, not that life cannot be good without much money. Money can empower you to be more charitable. The more you have, the more you have to give and why should there be guilt in that? As long as you are wanting to attract money for any specific number of reasons, you have to be willing to embrace money and to have a good relationship with money. For as long as you don’t then you’ll never be able to have more of it or to keep it for long if you do have it.


The universe will always reflect back to you what your feelings and beliefs are. If you believe that money is evil and money is bad and every time you think of money you feel stressed out and anxious, well then why would you attract such a thing into your life? You may intellectually feel like you want money, but your subconscious mind is actually repelling it because it believes that money is bad and money will harm you. And, the universe (law of attraction) simply says “no, he/she believes money is bad, when he/she thinks of money it is making them sick, so he/she shall not have it”. But if every time you thought of money it brought you joy, excitement, and anticipation, and you embrace, love, and respect money, then your subconscious holds the belief that money is good and money is good for you therefore you should have more of it. The universe then reflects back to you what you believe and finds ways to bring more money to you.


So, having a good relationship with money is key in attracting more of it. Having a good relationship and mentality about money before going out there being pro-active in getting it helps to support your endeavors and sets you up for success in attracting and retaining it. Just consider, going out there to get a relationship before you even feel good or ready to have one. You’re either not going to find one with that sort of repelling energy, or you’re going to get very mixed results, or you may find one and find ways to sabotage it because at the core you weren’t ready to receive it and didn’t really want it in your life to begin with. But had you a healthy attitude about it beforehand and you were fully ready, then you would have been more successful. Money works the same way… and anything else really. The law of attraction doesn’t judge your desires, it only mirrors back to you what you are being. So, when you know what you want, and you feel good and ready to receive it, then you shall. The universe will conspire to help you. That’s just how it works.


So currently, if you want more money but you’re feeling poor or you have an unhealthy attitude about it, try shifting your perspective. Try feeling abundant and excited and joyous every time you think of money, even if it isn’t necessarily your current reality. Just try, it doesn’t hurt. And see what shifts for you in the days, weeks, months to come. You may just find yourself a little richer. When you love money, money follows you and loves you back.


One of my favorite affirmations is “I love money and money loves me”…“money comes to me easily and frequently”.


These candles have been designed to work with the law of attraction. Blessed and dressed with love and money drawing ingredients.


You will receive 1 candle. 

I Love Money and Money Loves Me- Ritual Image Female Candle-


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