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La Madama Oil- Protection, Family, Love, Luck, Kindness and BlessingsHoodoo, Voodoo, Wiccan, Pagan, Santeria, Brujeria, Folk

La Madama Oil- Protection, Family, Love, Luck, Kindness and Blessings!


Attract protection, luck, love, and blessings for yourself and your family with The Conjured Saint La Madama Oil. Blended with specific ingredients to invoke the spirit of La Madama, this oil is ideal for those looking to create a peaceful home environment, attract blessings, strengthen their intuition, and enhance their psychic abilities.


Celebrated for her strength and wisdom, La Madama is the spirit of a black slave who was known for her divination and protective influence. She represents strong feminine influence and wisdom within a family unit and provides love, luck, and protection for the home. She also brings business and timely payment for services. Historically, las Madamas were the house slaves responsible for the caring and well-being of a master's family. They were loved and respected as healers and midwives and had a vast knowledge of herbalism and home remedies, as well as fortune telling. 

The Conjured Saint La Madama Oil can be incorporated into a number of rituals designed to strengthen your own feminine power or bring blessings to yourself and your loved ones. Anoint the body with La Madama Oil, add a few drops to a bath, anoint white candles and burn them throughout your home, or create an altar to La Madama and anoint it with the oil.


To Create an Altar to La Madama:


Set up a shrine with a white, orange, or red cloth and place a doll or statue of her on top. Before the statue place a glass of cold water, a vigil candle, and one or more of her favorite offerings. Offerings to La Madama include: a deck of cards, strong spirits, tobacco, brown sugar, molasses, cooked rice, home cooked meals, black coffee, healing herbs, and flowers. If you ask her for a favor, it would be nice to bring her 9 colored silks as payment for her work.


Here are some traditional prayers to La Madama:

Oh holy spirit of La Madama, I implore your sublime influences, for my protection. By the Virtues that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost have placed in you, I ask you to help and guide me. Oh Grand Spirit of La Madama, give me courage! Use your divine wisdom, and your divine influences, so that no man or woman under the eyes of God may harm me. I ask this with pure respect, pure faith, pure hope, and pure charity. Amen.

Oh Madama, I humbly invoke your sublime holy spirit. Lady of waters, I invoke you by your name. I invoke you as my fortress of protection and by the virtues bestowed upon you by God, intercede on my behalf. Liberate me from all that is evil, and bring only righteousness and goodness on my path. May the light of God illuminate my home and all that I hold sacred. Oh Madama, liberate me from tormented souls, and may those who wish me ill repent and come asking for forgiveness from the offense they may have done against me. May the pathway be clear and smooth. May your Ascended Spirit guide me and may all evil be banished from my life. Amen.

La Madama Oil- Protection, Family, Love, Luck, Kindness and Blessings


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