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Lake Water - Abundance, Wealth, Spirituality, Realms, Good for Fae Magic.

Water is a powerful tool in magic. Whether you collect it from the weather, the ocean, a lake, or from your own sink or shower, it can be used in many spells and incantations and has strong magical properties…


Lake water: abundance, unknown, wealth, spirituality,  peace, meditation, strength, reflection, knowledge, relaxation. Good for Fae Magic.


LAKE WATER: Typically calm and serene and often resembles a mirror. Lakes are considered portals to watery realms along with many creatures that dwell in and under them. These waters are good for “calming” the situation if you are in an argument with someone. Because of its still surface, lake water is also useful in scrying—divining or foretelling the future by gazing into them like mirrors.


Water Correspondences

🌊 Water: love, banishing, beauty, calm, change, compassion, creativity, emotions, femininity, fertility, flexibility, healing, intuition, meditation, psychic powers, purification, dreams, sensitivity, sadness, life

🌊 Ocean / sea water: vastness, fear, power, life, protection

🌊 Rain water: growth, power, regeneration, rebirth

🌊 Storm water: clarity, strength, purification, banishing

🌊 Lake water: abundance, unknown, wealth, spirituality

🌊 Swamp water: disease, invisibility, connection, links

🌊 River water: charging, energy, movement, power

🌊 Pond water: limitations, silence, conjuration, immobility

🌊 Melted ice: creativity, growth, harmony, motivation, purification

🌊 Melted hail: pain, curse, bad intentions, anger

🌊 Melted snow: change, balance, endings, healing, power, purity

🌊 Morning dew: love, charm, fertility, sensitivity


Great to use to make house sprays or to wash candles, crystals, and more. Offering the smooth calm of a lake for your magic, lake water is a great addition to a wide range of magical blessings and spells.

Lake Water - Abundance, Wealth, Spirituality, Realms, Good for Fae Magic.


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