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Lotus Root- Abundance, Wealth, Creativity, Fertility, Moon Magic, Protection

Considered sacred by cultures and religions the world over, the lotus flower is a symbol of protection, wealth, fertility, rebirth, and divine beauty. Because the lotus “disappears” each night and blooms anew each morning, it is a celebrated sign of the life cycle, reincarnation, and enlightenment. Keeping lotus root in your home and incorporating it into your rituals will draw love, strength, and abundance.


In Hinduism, the lotus is often depicted at the feet of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, making it perfect for use in spells designed to bring fortune, protection, creativity, and clarity. As the lotus rises from the water, it is also ideal for calling water element energy into your sacred space and for use in rituals associated with feminine energy and the moon.


The lotus root embodies all of the powerful, eloquent qualities of the lotus flower, but is particularly ideal for fertility spells, as the seed pockets can be representative of the female womb. Incorporating lotus root into your rituals can help you open your root chakra, draw love into your life, call forth abundance, generate a more powerful connection to the divine feminine, and overcome obstacles. When you find yourself in need of wisdom and strength, keep a lotus root handy and rise from the dirt to bloom into your own beauty. All Conjured Saint lotus roots are ritually blessed to bring light and love with them, wherever they go.


You will receive 1 lotus root.

Lotus Root- Abundance, Wealth, Creativity, Fertility, Moon Magic, Protection

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