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Lucky Black Cat Cinnamon Broom-  Bestow Good Fortune & Protection

As Witches, we need to be aware of the Ancient Broom Lore
that has been passed down to us from those wonderful Crones of the past.

1- Never leave home for long periods of time without telling your broom.

2- Treat your broom as you would any other member of your family, with honor,
reverence, and respect.

3- Magickal Brooms are not regular cleaning brooms and should not be used for
such mundane tasks.

4- Never leave your Magickal Broom outside your cast circle.

5- Speak with your broom as you would speak to other members of your family or coven.

6- Never leave your Magickal Broom outside in the weather unless you ask the Broom.

7- Oil your broomstick with every turn of the wheel.


Brooms have long been known for their magickal ways, probably due to its shape,
use in purification rites, and kinship with magical wands and staffs.
The common household tool has been known to be so sacred that in many parts of
the world there are Broom Deities.


Sao Ching Niang – The lady with the broom who lives in the Broom Star.
When there is too much rain and the crops are threatened, it is not
uncommon in China to see pictures of Brooms hanging on the front door or
fences to bring clear and sunny weather to the field.


As this is invoking the Great Earth Goddess herself, the Broom Star is the
fertile womb of our Great Goddess, and thus, she gives us life of the
fields that are represented by the Corn Fields. Hence, the broom is brought into
our homes from the womb of the Goddess.


In Mexico, the Witch Goddess Tlazoiteotl is depicted riding on a broom.
This symbolizes the coming of the night, the dark part of ourselves, the
growing darkness of the winter.


The priests in South America have been known to burn offerings of owls and
snakes. These were offered at the dark moon. Through these offerings, the people
were calling upon the Broom Witch to sweep away their transgressions.


My Cinnamon Brooms have been designed to hang on the back of your front door. Cinnamon Broom "Hanging the broom on the back of your door symbolizes the sweeping away of obstacles and/or the negative influences of those who enter your home or try to. It helps you multiply earnings and draw in luck and prosperity. 


It has been charmed with a Lucky Black Cat talisman crafted and charged to aid in winning games of chances and also works as a protective talisman. It is also a talisman to work with for divination, so this one is perfect in the home of any reader, fortune teller, or medium.

These also make beautiful gifts. 

These brooms are approx 6 to 6.5 inches and smell divine! 

Lucky Black Cat Cinnamon Broom- Bestow Good Fortune & Protection

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