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Lust Dust


1 3/4" (4cm, 12.5ml) Bottle, wax sealed ( this item may come in a bottle or bag )
(NOTE: Color of Wax Seal, Color of Key/Heart Charm may vary)

Our 6 ingredient Love Draw Powder is handmade and our process is quite intensive; the usual components are amplified with our traditional craft process of Ash work and other sexy, lustful, elements and ingredients (some of which shall remain nameless). A little goes a very long way, indeed. (This powder is highly concentrated.) We have included a little "charmed" heart around the bottle neck. The bottle is sealed with sealing wax and a heart seal.

We recommend a bit of this powder in a purse or wallet, a tiny bit in dancing shoes, under a pillow, in a sachet, or used in candle workings.

Lust Dust- Lustful Energy, Sex, Enhance Relationships


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