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Magic Square of Mars - Ritually Made - Protection

Magic Square of Mars use this for protection! 


Associated Numbers 

The numbers associated with Mars are 5, 25, 65, and 325. This is because:

  • Each row and column of the magic square contains five numbers.
  • The square contains 25 numbers total, ranging from 1 to 25.
  • Each row, column and diagonal adds up to 65.
  • All of the numbers in the square add up to 325.


Divine Names 

The divine names associated with Mars all have numerological values of 5 or 65. The names of the intelligence of Mars and the spirit of Mars have a value of 325. These values are calculated by writing out the names in Hebrew and then adding up the value of each included letter, as each Hebrew letter can represent both a sound and a numerical value.


Construction of The Square 

The square is constructed by arranging the numbers consecutively in a pre-arranged pattern. In general, numbering moves down and to the right. Hence, 2 is down and to the right of 1. When the down and right motion would take you off the edge of the square, it wraps around. Thus, since 2 is on the bottom edge, 3 is still to the right of 2, but it's at the top of the square instead of the bottom.

When this pattern runs up against numbers already placed, the pattern shifts two rows down. Thus, 4 is on the left, 5 is one down and one to the right of 4, and if that motion were to be repeated, it would collide with the already placed 1. Instead, 6 appears two rows down from 5, and the pattern continues.


Construction of The Seal 

The seal of Mars is constructed by drawing lines that intersect every number within the magic square.

Magic Square of Mars - Ritually Made - Protection