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No Bad Vibes Ritual Candle- Absorbs Negative Energy

Balsam Fir + Teakwood + Bamboo

A woodsy walk through a winter forest, this leafy combination sparks all the warm and fuzzy feels. An attractively masculine scent that feels like you’re immersed in pine tree forest.


Banish Negativity

Conjure nothing but happy thoughts with the No Bad Vibes Ritual Candle. Anxiety, stress, and worry don’t stand a chance against this comforting candle. Eliminate the negativity living rent-free in your home and in your mind, while welcoming in all the good vibes.


Black Tourmaline: Absorbs negative energy


Lemon Balm, Palo Santo Dust, Rose Petals: Protection, purification, energy cleansing


Black, White: Soaks up negative energy allowing positive energy to come through


Write down the negative energy or feelings that you are releasing on a small piece of paper. Fold it and place under the candle, focus on your intention as the candle burns. Visualize your release as the candle burns. Feel yourself surrender all negative feelings and let them be diminished. Use wisely & do no harm.


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No Bad Vibes Ritual Candle- Absorbs Negative Energy


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