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Sacred Union Ritual Image Candle & Oil-  Relationships, Sexual Energy, New Love

Sacred unions are sexual passions that deepen into the permanent union of two persons in heart, body, and mind.


Sacred Union is described as the pinnacle of what is known to be possible within a lovership. A man and a woman come together, their bodies open to channeling the Divine Mother and Divine Father while they are making love with one another.


The two lovers return to their original state of oneness with creation and, at the same time, facilitate the full ecstatic reunion of Divine Mother and Divine Father, God-Goddess. This union creates an ecstatic starburst in the bodies and beings of the lovers, birthing the fullness of their soul’s potential.

Sacred Union is one of the lost mystery teachings that is central to many ancient spiritual traditions. In Christianity, it is called Hieros Gamos, Yab-Yum in Tibetan Buddhism, Sacred Marriage in the Kabbalah, Tantra in Hinduism, and Sexual Alchemy in Egyptian mythology.


Each lineage has its own stories and mythology, and its own sacred couple that lived and taught the keys of this great mystery. They include Isis and Osiris, Jesus and Mary Magdelene, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheeba, Simon Magus and Helen, and the mythic Parvati and Shiva – each lineage giving us keys to the embodiment of Sacred Union. 


These Sacred Union couplings show us that sacred love has the potential to birth the magnificence of our highest soul potential, and holds the power to change the world. It is said that the secrets of the universe are revealed to these sacred couples who engage in Sacred Union. 

Is it a fairytale dream or is there something deep inside you that knows this is true? When we come together in sacred union with our deep soul beloved, it creates a ripple effect and is a blessing on the world.


This candle has been designed to draw in energy to spice up your sex life, relationships, and sexual Energy. Work with this candle if your current relationship has dulled down in the bedroom, or if you are in need of some hot passionate romance in your life.


Large 8-inch candle with my Sacred Union Ritual Oil


Thanks for looking. 

Sacred Union Ritual Image Candle & Oil- Relationships, Sexual Energy, New Love


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