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Sodalite Gem Stone- Mental Performance, Companionship, Knowledge

These South African Tumbled Sodalite stones are dark blue with white streaks. Carry or hold tumbled Sodalite to help facilitate a sense of internal knowing of the intuitive ideas that are necessary to one's spiritual evolution.


By stimulating the Pineal Gland, Sodalite clears the Third Eye and deepens meditation. Place Sodalite next to your computer to help clear electromagnetic pollution. Working with the Throat and Third-Eye Chakras, Sodalite is thought to combine these energies in such a way as to allow the fusion of logic and intellect with intuitive knowledge. Sodalite is often used when altruism and/or idealism are needed in a situation.

Sodalite is said to promote companionship and can be used in group settings where cooperation is needed. These tumbled pieces of Sodalite can be quite helpful to someone in need of enhancing their intuitive abilities. Sodalite is also very helpful for those who seem to be encountering many difficulties in their life, as it can bring unhealthy ingrained patterns to the surface to be released, and it can promote deep self-examination to reveal underlying causes to one's problems. When dealing with such covert issues, one should work with the stone consistently, by meditating with it and possibly sleeping with it under the pillow to help bring productive dreams.

Sodalite is great for the metabolism, the immune system, and is believed to help regulate blood pressure.


SODALITE AFFIRMATION: I think clearly and rationally and remain open to new ideas.


Ways to use your tumbled crystals:

  • Meditate with your stones. Relax your vibes and let them resonate with your energy
  • Carry it with you.  Hold it or slip it into your pocket/purse
  • Feng shui in your home
  • Create a crystal grid


You will receive 1 tumbled Sodalite stone

Sodalite Gem Stone- Mental Performance, Companionship, Knowledge


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