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Solar Plexus Incense Sticks- Balancing Your Personal Power, Willpower

Your Solar Plexus is your source of willpower, confidence, responsibility, self-esteem, and balancing your personal power. This is the chakra that will center you to deal with challenges and help you move forward past them. Keeping this chakra in balance helps to keep you proactive rather than inactive or reactive.  If this chakra is blocked it will halt your energy to move forward with power and confidence. It is imperative to keep this chakra clear so that you have the power to choose your path.


This exotic stick incense is hand-rolled by artisans in India’s cottage industry and blended in accordance with ancient traditional wisdom in order to open and stimulate the seven main energetic centers (chakras) located in our astral bodies. This fragrance is aesthetically pleasing while fulfilling the intention to help bring serenity and a sense of being grounded.


Aroma: This scent features Lavender and  Sandalwood.


The unique combination blends the relaxing lavender with sacred, pure sandalwood to stimulate and awaken the third chakra.


Intention: Burn this incense to facilitate the opening of the Manipura Chakra, the third energetic center that, when functioning properly, awakens one’s power and self-confidence. This chakra brings us in touch with the element of fire.


You will receive 1 pack of 10 sticks.


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Solar Plexus Incense Sticks- Balancing Your Personal Power, Willpower


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