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Spirit Doll- YELLOW- Talisman & Mystical Amulet For Magical Intent

Spirit Doll- Talisman & 

Mystical Amulet For Magical Intent


Each of my sachets are hand-embroidered and stitched. There is no glue used and everything is stitched in place by hand. Filled with magical herbs for protection and blessings. 


Spirit dolls are handmade beings that protect the home, draw love and good fortune, aid in divination, and act as recipients for offerings to ancestors and familial spirits. These dolls, made from natural items collected by hand from the harvest of Mother Nature, are recognized by cultures the world over. Our ancestors have been making Spirit Dolls for healing and enchantment for millennia. The magick of these dolls is that they bridge the gap between the seen and unseen and connect us to our ancestors and future descendants across the ages.


Spirit Dolls act as vessels for powerful spirits and ancestors to bless us. The dolls in The Conjured Saint’s shop were custom-made in gypsy fashion and adorned with good luck charms, lucky pieces, talismans, and mystical amulets. Each doll has been crafted from materials gathered from the forest floor to add sacred, grounding Earth energy to her being.


May these dolls draw in love, kindness, happiness, and laughter and bring you protection, security, and unexpected blessings.


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Spirit Doll- YELLOW- Talisman & Mystical Amulet For Magical Intent


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