Tiger's Eye Gem Stone Bracelet- Courage, Stability & Protection

Love and Relationships


  • Don't miss good matches
  • Take back a loving feeling
  • Read what the person really thinks
  •  Overcome the trial of love
  • Cut off unprofitable connections


Money and Business


  • Urge the right decision
  • Increase execution power
  • Increase self-reliance
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Get the result of an effort


Other Energy


  • Exorcise evil energy
  • Strengthen the will
  • Control emotions
  • Blooming latency
  • Become strong against pinches


Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that has the meaning and properties of an amulet. From ancient times, it has been told that it can protect people from negative energy and give hope to their life. It would give the owner courage and self-confidence, and don't let the evil energy come. Tiger's Eye is also good to use when you want to have a strong will. If you want to make your life creative, please try this gemstone.


Tiger's Eye can give energy to the owner's mind and make a person more active. It also has the meaning and properties of make dreams or hopes come true. Tiger's Eye would help you recognize what to aim for and make the right decision. It would prevent the owner to become stagnant and keep positive conditions. Tiger's Eye can harmonize the energy inside your body and adjust your mental balance. There are many meanings and effects of this gemstone that protect people's mind. If you are having anxiety or fear of your life, please try using Tiger's Eye.


Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that has a special kind of light on its surface. The light shines in a linear shape, so it looks like an eye of tigers or cats. Tiger's Eye is a goldish to the yellowish gemstone. It is one of the most famous yellow gemstones and it its very popular everywhere in the world.


The eye-like appearance of Tiger's Eye is known for its power to open the third-eye. The third-eye on the human's forehead controls intuition. Tiger's Eye has the meaning and properties of sensing invisible energy. Please use it if you have hesitation in your choice of life or if you want to choose the right way. There are several gemstones that can enhance intuition, but Tiger's Eye would be one of the strongest.


The energy of Tiger's Eye is very mannish and powerful. It would be a good one to adjust your energy if your feelings are too feminine. From ancient times, Tiger's Eye is known for a gemstone that symbolizes flame or the sun. That strong energy would wake your instinct up. If you have a hope or a dream that you want to make it true, please use the meaning and the effect of Tiger's Eye.


Although it is a very strong gemstone, it also has rational energy inside together. Don't worry about being out of control with excessive energy. Tiger's Eye would help you look to the future rationally and help you take an action strongly. The impression of this gemstone is like: the brain is cool, but the action is hot. It would adjust your body energy in the best way and release it when it is needed. Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that would show its power in very important situations in life. It is a gemstone that can help you when there is difficulty and make your life brighter.


You will receive 1 AAA Quality stretch Tiger's Eye bracelet.


  • Natural Stone Beads
  • 17cm Length
  • 8mm Bead Size


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Tiger's Eye Gemstone Bracelet- Courage, Stability & Protection


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