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Ascended Masters and Guides Reiki Infused Herbal Pillar Candle <3

Ascended Masters and Guides - Dragon's Blood, Olive Oil, Saffron, Peppermint, and Musk


Tips to connect with the Ascended Masters: 


  • Find a quiet place that feels clear and sacred to you. Safely, light a candle, burn incense, or use vibrational tools as you prefer
  • Take a number of deep breaths and say an affirmative prayer or intention to connect with a specific master. 
  • Call on the master that you feel most connected with, by thinking about that particular master. Then, focus on that thought and reflect silently. 
  • Additionally, You can tone (make sounds or hum), write what comes to you without thinking in a journal (called automatic writing), or listen for sounds, colors, geometric shapes, images or visions. Guidance comes in many forms.
  • You may ask for direct guidance regarding any issue in your life.
  • Remember at the end, to thank all the beings who provided guidance. 


Below you’ll also find the Ascended Masters that my students most often choose to work with.


Mother Mary

Mother Mary is the Ascended Master from the Catholic and Judeo-Christian religions, therefore many Catholics present with this energy around them. Mother Mary also accompanies those whose life purpose is to work with children or help children in some way. Mother Mary helps with all issues relating to children, including fertility, parenting, and adopting, so it is not surprising that parents, and mothers in particular, often present with this energy around them.


Mother Mary is the archetype of the ‘ideal mother.’ She has kind, nurturing, serene, patient, and loving energy.



The name Buddha means ‘the Enlightened one’ or ‘Awakened one.’

Moderation is a key teaching in the Buddhist spiritual tradition, therefore one can evoke Buddha whenever help is needed with balance/finding the ‘middle path.’ Buddha’s energy is helpful in situations or life lessons where moderation is required.

Other energies associated with Buddha include love, respect, dignity and peace.  Buddha’s presence is a wise and serene energy.



Jesus is unconditionally loving, forgiving, gentle, and kind. Because his energy is so unconditional and accepting, it is a very healing energy too.

This is the Ascended Master with whom I am most familiar, having spent many lifetimes in the Christian faith.


Quan Yin

Quan Yin is a Buddhist Goddess. Her name means ‘she who hears prayers.’  Her energy is characterised by compassion. She represents feminine power and beauty.

Quan Yin also teaches harmlessness (i.e. doing no harm) and has a fierce and protective aspect to her energy.



I have included Kali here as she is one of my personal favourite Ascended Masters to work with. Kali is a Hindu goddess associated with death, endings, transformations and destruction. Her nickname is ‘the Dark Mother.’


Kali’s energy is intense, ferocious, determined, and courageous. She encourages us to live fearlessly and has a reputation for being available to help us destroy that which no longer serves us. Call on Kali when you need help dismantling something in your life which no longer benefits you.



Krishna is a Hindu deity. Krishna’s energy can be defined by its joyful quality. His energy is warm, sweet and loving. Some believe that Krishna helps with romantic relationships. He is often depicted in paintings and images with his partner, Radha.



Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and good fortune in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Her energy is found around those who are striving for abundance, including material abundance, emotional fulfilment, and good health.



A sage and psychic, Merlin is said to have helped King Arthur during fifth Century Camelot in Wales.  Some believe that Merlin is just a legendary figure and others believe that he actually existed.  Either way, Merlin can be called on for assistance.

He represents the inner/subjective realm – internal strength and power, and all forms of intuitive development. For this reason, you may find Merlin around psychics and those who are interested in metaphysical topics. If you are on a path of psychic development, you might like to call on Merlin to help you on your path.


Saint Germain

Saint Germain often shows up around those who have communication or healing as their life purpose, as his role is to help us to shed anything that hinders our self-expression and the expression of who we truly are in our lives.


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Ascended Masters and Guides Reiki Infused Herbal Pillar Candle <3


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