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Cinnamon Broom Money Blessing Candle Kit -Charging, Cleansing, Abundance

My Cinnamon Broom Money Blessing Candles have been designed to bless and cleanse and rejuvenate your home's energy. Think of it as an "aura cleansing for your home." Burn this on a Sunday in your home to refresh any stagnate energy and cleanse out them Bad vibes. 


This will candle will come with my Cinnamon Broom Oil & Cinnamon Broom Incense cones which are not listed on my site. Use after your home cleaning ritual to bring in Prosperous energy to your home or space.


Cinnamon also holds many magical properties such as clairvoyance, consecration, divination, energy, good luck, love, money, passion, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic development, success, communication, happiness, harmony, healing, obstacle removing, inspiration, knowledge, meditation, purification, spirituality, tranquility, and wisdom.


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Cinnamon Broom Money Blessing Candle Kit -Charging, Cleansing & Abundance

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