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umbled Brazilian Rose Quartz Gemstone - The Stone of Love

Love • Beauty • Compassion 

You will receive a random rose quartz.

They each are completely unique, some deeper in color and most have stunning little rainbows. They can be the perfect tools for crystal grids and carrying in one's pockets. A perfect and powerful altarpiece for those seeking love, soul mate, twin flame, peace, and happiness. The ideal stone when working with the intent and power of love and romance.


Deeper Description
Rose Quartz is a calming stone, of Divine Love, compassion, and protection. It encompasses true femininity.
Rose Quartz can help dissolve emotional wounds, and boost self-confidence, realizing one's beauty, and the beauty of the surrounding. 


Rose Quartz, Pink Quartz, or the stone of unconditional love is the most highly revered and desired stone of the quartz group because it is believed to have the ability to greatly enhance love and romance luck in every aspect of your life. For those who are single, this love charm will attract to you a loyal and loving partner, who will stay with you for life. For those who are in a relationship, this love stone will quicken the process and stabilize the relationship with marriage. 

This love charm will also revitalize the fire in a marriage, and rejuvenate both feelings and sexual desire. Also, for individuals who have been hurt and had their hearts broken before, Rose Quartz is said to help heal the old wounds of the past by promoting compassion and forgiveness which will set yourself free from the negative emotions controlling you and purifies and opens your mind and heart. An open heart is a key for many miracles to manifest in life - not only true love and healthy relationships, but also wealth and prosperity.

Rose Quartz will not only improve relationships but personal characteristics as well. For example, with the use of this Feng Shui crystal, one will develop a heightened sense of tenderness, allowing you to be more open and understanding to those around you. This will also lead to a sense of contentment. Negative emotions such as jealousy, guilt, resentment, and anger will be dispelled while positive ones like inner-peace, acceptance of your true self, self-love, and self-esteem will be boosted. As a result, you will become a much happier person and naturally a more beautiful person - hence more attractive to people around you.

Rose Quartz, in addition to emotional issues, is also reputed to improve bodily functions in relation to romance, such as create balance for the reproductive system and sexual feelings.

Tumbled Brazilian Rose Quartz Gemstone - The Stone of Love


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