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Fortune Cat Ritual Image Candle- Bring Luck and Wealth to Their Owners

Use with my Fortune Cat Ritual Roll-On Perfume for a triple boost of luck! 

Fortune Cats, also known as Lucky Cats, Beckoning Cats, Money Cats, or Maneki Neko in Japanese, are a centuries-old talisman meant to bring luck and wealth to their owners. Depicted as a cat sitting on its back legs with a "beckoning" paw raised, this Japanese symbol for good fortune is traditionally displayed in a southeast corner of the home to attract blessings. The Conjured Saint has captured the magick energy of this commanding feline in our new Fortune Cat Ritual Roll-On Perfume. Now, you can keep luck on your side wherever you go!


Made with rice flower, a common ingredient in spells and charms to draw wealth, Tonka bean, an exotic scent known for its money-boosting properties, vanilla for sweetness and wealth, and goldenrod and trillium flowers for great abundance, this perfume is perfect for anyone looking to climb the career ladder, boost profits in a business, attract sales, secure a job, ace a test, and more. The enticing aroma will draw influence and prestige to you, opening the door to possibilities and reminding you that you have what it takes to achieve great success. 


To keep abundance energy flowing your way, use Fortune Cat every morning by applying to the pulse points of your neck and wrists. Bring with you to boost luck on-the-go and to apply before big meetings, tests, and more!

Fortune Cat Ritual Image Candle- Bring Luck and Wealth to Their Owners

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