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Saint Martha Candle - Happy Home, Relationships, Returns Lovers

Saint Martha returns lovers, keeps homes happy and can help turn any situation around so you are in control of it. This pull out candles is dressed and loaded <333


St. Martha, a loyal, powerful, and seductive deity known for her blessings upon those seeking love, success, and power.  As the patron saint of servants, she is known for liberating the tired, broken, used, and abused! If it’s time to take your power back, set the record straight, break free from a toxic situation, change bad habits, or make a serious life change that is going to test your mettle, St. Martha is the ideal saint to petition!


In some religious traditions, St. Martha is known as Martha the Dominator. In many pictures, she is holding a torch, a bible, and holy water, with a dragon or snake under her feet. In terms of folklore, Martha is generally regarded as the only female slayer of dragons. She is portrayed as beguiling, clever, and strong. As such, she has gained a reputation for helping people dominate a person or a situation.


Martha’s story originates in France, where there was, according to legend, a dangerous and deadly dragon. Martha was able to subdue the dragon by using only holy water and a cross. Once the beast was defeated, Martha tied it up using only a girdle. It was for this feat that Martha's ability to dominate a seemingly invincible enemy led to the legend surrounding her.


Today, those who honor St. Martha regularly find themselves in happy relationships and homes. She is the ultimate saint to petition to balance out the power in a relationship or situation, especially if you keep finding yourself at a disadvantage. Beyond her clever and charming veneer is the soul of a warrior and the heart of a giver. Her generosity is known, as she rarely fails to bestow those who petition her with abundance and strength.


In Her Footsteps, Dorothy Day said: “If everyone were holy and handsome, it would be easy to see Christ in everyone. But it was not Christ’s way for himself. Ask honestly what you would do when a beggar asked at your house for food. Would you give it on an old cracked plate, thinking that was good enough? Do you think that Martha and Mary thought that the old and chipped dish was good enough for their guest? It is not a duty to help Christ — it is a privilege.” 


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Saint Martha Candle - Happy Home, Relationships, Returns Lovers


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