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and Bring Abundance to your Home and Person.

Welcome to The Conjured Saint! We’re glad your path led you here and hope to be of assistance on your unique spiritual journey. If you’re here, you must be here for a reason, and we look forward to helping you tap into the magick that exists all around us.


The Conjured Saint is committed to providing only the best magickal products. Each item in the shop is made-to-order by the shop owner using the freshest, finest ingredients. Items not handmade in our Shop are handmade by other artisans we support or hand-picked from other sellers, due to their legitimate magickal qualities. Every product has been tested personally by the shop owner.


As you are commissioning handmade items, please remember patience is a virtue and allow up to two weeks for shipping. We understand that you want your items as soon as possible, which is why we work diligently every day to fill orders; however, each item is handcrafted, blended, and blessed by our proprietor, which takes time. Your willingness to wait is appreciated, so we can craft spiritual goods according to the proper magickal days, elements, and moon phases to ensure their potency.


At The Conjured Saint, all of our items are designed to work in tandem with your own unique energy and intentions to bring success, prosperity, and love into your life. We do not follow any specific religious dogma and instead embrace all belief systems. How you identify and what you believe does not matter, so long as you believe in yourself and your intent.